Rare, non-FBI photo of old friend Mark Weber (right), the funniest person I've ever known, a brilliant cartoonist, fine musician and a major, major influence on my sense of humor. Mark is a gifted artist, and you can look at some of his work if you follow the links on the, well, links page.
 One of my best friends in high school, and then in Houston, was Bruce Felgar. A charmer and extrovert, Bruce had everything going for him. Then he died.  That's Dad and I at the Ouija board; talk about spooky - I sure don't remember this. There are rare few snapshots of dad and I, as he was usually behind the camera. Just another weird Kodak moment .  From the prom, 1976.
Wow. What does one say? It looks like a cast party for That 70's Show. I haven't the nerve to show the heavy drinking photos. More deeply embarrassing images of me can be seen in
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