Names I Dropped

Stan Sakai (Usagi Yojimbo)

Stan avoids computers like the hantavirus, but computers love him. Here is one of the best of the hundreds of Usagi Yojimbo web sites.

Mark Weber (site one)

Mark Weber (site two)

Mark's brilliant art can be viewed - or better yet, purchased for publication -at these two sites. He just keeps getting better and better!

John P Morgan

The funniest contributor to Critters, and his demented creations are now available for your online corruption!

Erie, Pa.

My home town newspaper. Read some of the stories and tell me if it's just me that finds them odd. The Web cam used to pointed at a shed in somebody's back yard.

John Totleben

Justly famous artist, John keeps a presence at, as do many other famous artists, unjust or otherwise!

Anthony Smith

Instigator and co-publisher of Spaced. Check out his eBay auctions!

Stefanelli's Chocolates

My home towns master candy makers, available online. The Sponge Candy is the champ, but try them all!


Still presenting the finest comics!

Pittsburgh 360º

A great town deserves a great virtual tour! Exceptionally fine web site



Peter Gabriel

Kate Bush

Bill Nelson

Danny Elfman

Kevin Gilbert (Toy Matinee, Thud)

King Crimson and related artists

 Sites of Interest


Certainly I don't have to tell you about the funniest site on the web?

Also a name I dropped. Mark's site is not only hilarious, it shows innovative translation of comics to the web. Not like some guys who just put up their old crap .

Fabulous Ruins of Detroit

Vast and fascinating picture archive .

The HORIZONS Tragedy

Weep with me over the grisly end of a legendary Epcot attraction.

Still the edgiest mainstream reporting I've found. I don't mind a difference of opinion when it's expressed intelligently!

Gallery of the Absurd

The best of questionable advertising.

Tacky Postcard Archive

The name says it all.

And You Call Yourself A Scientist?

Fun, MST3K-ish site about bad films.


Unflinchingly brutal reviews of amatuer MP3 artists. Unbeleivably cruel, but heart-stoppingly funny.