Hardly a gallery, I admit, but Photo Kiosk didn't sound right either. What would a web page be without family photos? Less embarrassing, mostly...

I love Pittsburgh, and if it could be moved to Texas I'd still be living there. An exceptionally beautiful city, full of life, fun, commerce, and loaded with personality. Unfortunately also loaded with residents, snow, and sports. This is a typical day, I'm afraid: overcast and dead grey. Or as they call it in PA., Summer.

The hardest thing to leave behind in Erie, Pa was Stefanelli's chocolate. Oh, I loved my parents and relatives and friends, but let's face it, you can't eat them, and that diminishes their appeal.

A good friend of mine was astonished to learn that I eat chocolate Every Day and have done so for decades. Sarah MacClachlan is WRONG when she sings "your love is better than chocolate". Obviously, she's never had Stefanelli's.

How delighted I was to find Stefanelli's online - I am shown here caressing a lovely 5 pound brick of Bulk Milk Chocolate. If you like chocolate, you should waste no time in ordering their exceptionally fine and underpriced treats, especially Sponge Candy, the greatest confection ever created.

On to the family...

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