Here's what former employers and current clients have to say about working with Tom Stazer.

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Tom is one of the best Photoshop retouchers I have ever worked with. He is talented, fast and has a very good eye for what the final product will look like. He was an asset to our organization.

Bryan Sawyer
CMA Brand Presence and Design

Tom is a real asset when it comes to graphics. There are very few graphic artist that can both create art and products on the computer screen, but Tom has the added insight from being a cartoon artist in his own right. Tom brings humor and splash to any concept he is charged with creating for advertisement, product packaging, logos and much much more. Tom is a one stop shop for quality in graphics.

Patrick Autore
World at Large, Inc.

Tom is one of the most talented retouchers in Houston. Attention to detail, the ability to actually think for himself, and the constant strive for perfection are just a few of his strong points. A real asset for any graphics team or photographer.

Dennis DeSilva
Senior Art Director
CMA Brand Presence and Design

I've worked with Tom on hundreds of projects over the years. His production, organization and of course Photoshop skills are second to none, and I've worked with many of the top retouchers in the country. Unlike most of them, who just know what buttons to push, Tom comes from an art/illustration background. This enables him to bring a lot more creativity, composition and ultimately realism to whatever project I bring him, big or small.

Greg Kewekordes
Partner | Creative Director
J. Walter Thompson | Houston

In my professional work with Tom Stazer over the past 10 years, I have been greatly impressed with his original work, which covers an enormous conceptual range while remaining distinctly his own. He is also one of the best photo correctors/retouchers I have ever worked with, getting quickly to the heart of the picture, understanding what the client wants and then making perceptive suggestions.

Henry Terrell
Writer and Editor
Gulf Publishing Co.

The term "go to guy" was coined for people like Tom. I'd always hand him the tough jobs... When the deadline arrived he'd have it done on time and right the first time. So if you're looking for someone who's just flat out going to get the job done, Tom's your man.

John Williams
Studio Night Manager
ImageSet Digital

Tom brings color, life and humor to all my concepts, whether they are in advertising or in board game design. He and I have collaborated closely on numerous projects, and the results have been extraordinary every time. His professionalism and his eagerness to contribute to your concepts will result in ideas that stand out, get attention and generate sales. You could not ask for a better graphics designer.

Mark Schildberg
Associate Creative Director
KK Bold

One of Tom's best assets is his willingness to keep expanding his knowledge. He's never satisfied with just completing the task at hand. Instead, he pushes himself to get better results every time he gets a new project. His professionalism is well appreciated and his work clearly shows a very high level of retouching.

Leon Alvarado
Assistant Creative Director
CMA Brand Presence and Design

I worked with Tom at a major ad agency for five years. He was the go-to guy in the studio for retouching. He has skills that even the top art directors lack and made creative suggestions that were utilized in national ads. His studio and retouching work was regularly used on global, large-budget campaigns.

LCS (confidential per client request)

Tom brings many desirable qualities to the table. He is conscientious, takes direction well, pays attention to details and reliably produces top quality files in a timely fashion - faster than most!

Melanie Hoo
Managing Director
CMA Brand Presence and Design

I’ve worked with Tom off and on for 20 years, and when the agency I work for asked if I knew anybody who was really good at color correcting and retouching, there was just one person that came to mind, Tom Stazer! We brought Tom in to work on a huge project consisting of major color correcting and retouching. I worked directly with him, and it was a pleasure seeing such professionalism. He’s extremely thorough and intelligent; he pays attention to detail and is always reliable and proactive. Every subsequent project we worked on together was of the same caliber. I would highly recommend Tom to anyone who is looking for the highest quality of work.

Irene Potashner
Project Coordinator
CMA Brand Presence and Design